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Emily Wardill

Interview with Emily Wardill, from the studio of Henriette Heise, 00:59:36, February 24th 2022.

Published April 2022

Interview on ‘Night for Day’, moving image cultures, arts education, research, feminism and working practices.

Emily Wardill (*1977) lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal and Malmo, Sweden. 

"Emily Wardill’s films, photographs, and objects probe the complexity of perception and communication, the question of how reality appears authentic to us, and the displacements of substance and form effected by the individual nature of the imagination. Her work has won acclaim for the sensual and psychologically fraught yet fractured narratives which she constructs. The films that she started making in the mid-2000s are typically defined by a narrative framework, but the plots as such tend to be secondary. The focus is on other aspects: the mechanics of storytelling, the relationship of imaginary space to language and the interplay between gesture and word."


Alongside the interview, on this page you will find documentation of Wardill's 'Bassness' exhibition at Rialto 6, a pdf of Wardill's publication 'Night for Day' detailing the concepts and processes that went into the production of the film, a detailed list of the sources displayed within in the interview, and a note from Apertura Institute.

Night for Day Installation shot, Rialto 6, 11/02/22. Photos taken by Vasco Stocker de Vilhena, courtesy of Rialto 6.

"Night for Day constructs a fake mother/son relationship to imagine what would happen if a communist utopian gave birth to a techno utopian and is installed as it was always intended to be shown – in a room divided into 2 by a black carpet as though it were a sandpit of half black and half white sand. Everything seems to be a stand in for the finished thing. The walls are painted in a black that wants to separate into three primary colors and images in the film come in 3s."

Emily Wardill et. al., Night for Day,, (Berlin: Revolver Publishing, 2020).

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Final note:

Apertura Institute is grateful to Emily Wardill for this in-depth interview, and for giving us the freedom to experiment with the visual presentation of the research discussed. We chose to leave the interview in its sequentially unedited full form, in the spirit of Carla Lonzi's 'L'autoritratto'.

Wardill's perspectives on topics of feminist practices, in tandem with her gesture of recording the zoom interview with equally sized screens, and the added context of her situated-ness within her friend Henriette Heise's studio, all connects directly to our Living Manifesto and to actively creates a method for forming non-hierarchical research cultures and communities centred in open discussion. 

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